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Bouquet De Fleurs Design Lite Blue Vase V230LLB

  • Description

    Elevate any home decor with our exquisite "Forever Blooms" Lite Blue Vase. Engraved with the timeless message, "Flowers that bloom forever," this meticulously handcrafted masterpiece exudes elegance and charm.

    Skilled artisans have poured their passion into creating this enchanting piece. Standing at approximately 8.5 inches in width and 12 inches in height, it is a perfect embodiment of grace and beauty.

    The vase is adorned with meticulously handcrafted jasmine, daffodils, daisies, and lilies, each petal and stem crafted with precision and love. These lifelike blooms have been thoughtfully arranged to form an everlasting bouquet that will bring a touch of nature's beauty to any space, without ever wilting.

    Whether as a centerpiece on your dining table, a statement piece on a mantle, or a gift that captures the essence of enduring love, the "Forever Blooms" Blue Vase is an exquisite addition to any setting.

    Hand Crafted in Thailand
    Approx. 10" wide, 11.25" Tall

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1 unit

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