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Large Blue Oyster Mushroom Vase V157LB

  • Description

    Behold the exquisite allure of the large round blue ceramic oyster mushroom vase, a testament to the marriage of artistry and sophistication. The vase, with its rounded form, is bathed in a serene blue hue that evokes a sense of calm. Meticulously adorned with oyster mushrooms, each delicately crafted with golden-brown edges, the piece stands as a botanical masterpiece. The gentle curves of the mushrooms create a harmonious interplay of shapes, while the golden-brown accents add a touch of opulence. This handcrafted vase is not merely a vessel but a captivating work of art, seamlessly integrating nature-inspired elements with refined elegance. Placed as a centerpiece, it commands attention, introducing a sense of grace and botanical enchantment to any space.

    Dimentions: 9"W x 6.5" H

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