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Large Original Ceramic Bowl

  • Description

    Looking for unique, handmade tabletop magic? This 19-inch stunner, handcrafted in sun-drenched Thailand, is far more than just a bowl - it's a blooming conversation starter!

    Imagine: White Thai ceramic, smooth as river stones, whispering of ancient techniques. Then, BAM! Vibrant emerald flower stems erupt from its heart, like a spring symphony frozen in clay. Each one unique, like nature's own brushstrokes, dancing with playful exuberance. Are they Lily whispers, trapped in the cool earth? Or bougainvillea, bursting with tropical joy? The mystery is yours to discover!

    This isn't just tableware, it's an experience:

      • Dining centerpiece: Picture this beauty overflowing with exotic fruits, casting emerald shadows under candlelight. 
    • Timeless treasure: Handcrafted with generations of skill, this heirloom piece whispers stories in every touch. It's a reminder that beauty lies in the handmade, a piece of Thailand for your home.
    • Hand Crafted in Thailand
      Approx. 18.5-19' " wide, 6" Deep


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