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White Star Coral Table Lamp L498W

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    Welcome to the world of exceptional Thai Ceramics, where each piece is a one-of-a-kind collectible, meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Thailand using centuries-old traditional techniques.

    Our White Star Coral lamp is a genuine original, a testament to the enduring artistry of Thailand. Crafted with unwavering dedication and precision, it embodies the legacy of craftsmanship that spans over 800 years. This lamp stands as a true work of art, a reflection of the skill and passion of our artisans.

    The lamp features a substantial base measuring 8 inches by 8 inches, rising gracefully to a height of 19 inches. Crowned with a generous shade spanning 16 inches in width and 10 inches in height, the entire lamp stands majestically at 23 inches in total height.

    Take home a piece of history and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of our White Star Coral lamp—a remarkable fusion of ancient traditions, masterful artistry, and enduring elegance.

    Base 8"x8"x19"
    Shade 16" W x 10" H
    Whole lamp 23" Tall

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